Our Hawaii Home Renovation, House for Sale in 2022

We live in Puna on the Big Island of Hawaii. We were blessed to be able to build our large custom 2 story home as an owner/builder.

We started building our house in 1995 and everything in our house is up to code, fully permitted and has passed final inspection. We have electricity with Hawaiian Electric Co. and 5G fiber optic internet for fast and reliable service with Hawaiian Telcom.

Our property is a long 3 acre "spaghetti' lot and has a long winding driveway to get to our house on the 2nd acre. The elevation is at 800 feet and is usually always cool and comfortable.

Our property is zoned for agriculture but we left it covered with oxygen producing native Hawaiian Ohia trees. Our wonderful next door neighbors have an organic manicured coffee farm which one side of our house overlooks. We also have an awesome view of Mauna Kea, a sacred Hawaiian mountain. During the winter it is a  wonderful sight to see snow on top of the mountain.

Our property is "grandfathered" in for an ohana house, meaning you can build a second house anywhere on the property legally.

We are currently renovating our home to get ready to sell in the future.

We will be posting photos & videos of our progress.

Come and join us on our journey!

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home for sale front of house