Beeswax Radish Candles Set of 6 - Shipping Included

Beeswax Radish Candles Set of 6 - Shipping Included

  • $ 24.00

The perfect little unique radish candles to make any space feel like a fresh Spring or Summer day!

Each  adorable radish candle is hand rolled from 100% pure beeswax for a clean and bright burn. Not that anyone would ever want to burn these cuties though! We love the long roots and bright mixed green tops.

Each radish candle (the wax part) is 1 1/2" high
These radish candles will last indefinitely but if you want to burn them, simply remove the satin picot ribbons and trim wick.

These radish candles are red colored. However, there are many heirloom varieties that come in all kinds of colors! Let me know in the order comments if you want white, purple, lavender, black or a different color. Each set of 6 candles will be all of one color.

Each sculpted candle is carefully cut, rolled and shaped by hand from 100 percent pure beeswax honeycomb sheets. Natural beeswax candles are valued for its bright light and clean burning. It is a renewable resource made by industrious bees.

Free Shipping in the U.S. Please contact us for faster delivery charge or for international shipping.

Each candle will arrive carefully wrapped in tissue paper.

Be careful where you display the candles as the dye can stain surfaces.

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