Assorted Sushi Candles 6 Set with Shipping Included

  • $ 28.00

Our most popular set of sushi candles has everyone's favorites included!


These original assorted sushi candles include a variety of handmade beeswax sushi candles in different colors and shapes. Made from 100 percent pure beeswax sheets, each sushi candle is rolled, shaped, or folded by hand.

Our assorted 6 piece sushi candle set contains:

One large musubi or onigiri (rice ball) with ume (pickled plum) on the outside and a thin strip of nori seaweed on the outer edges.

One futomaki or "thick roll" sushi with three ingredients.

One spam musubi made in the Big Island Hawaii style, where the spam is sandwiched between two layers of rice.

Three hoso maki or "thin roll" one ingredient sushi. The yellow center represents takuwan or "pickled radish", the pink center represents gari pickled ginger, and the orange center represents steamed carrot.

The beeswax candles are packaged in an authentic plastic bento take out container with green decorative sushi grass from Japan, directions paper insert, and neatly tied with a sheer organza and satin edged ribbon bow.

The bamboo container is not included and is for illustrative purposes only.

* 100% Pure Beeswax and all cotton fiber wick
* Candle burn time: approx. 2 hrs. each futomaki & spam, 1 hr. for hosomaki, 3 hrs. for musubi
* Candle size: approx. 2" diameter X 1" high futomaki and spam, 1.5" diameter X 1" high hosomaki, 3" X 3" x 1" musubi

We are the ORIGINAL inventors of hand rolled beeswax sushi candles, and guarantee that our quality of craftsmanship is the best. We also offer the largest selection of hand rolled beeswax sushi candles in the world.

Contact us at doublebrush (at) gmail (dot) com if you have a question, want a custom order, need a higher quantity or want to ship international.


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