50 Beer Party Bottle Cap Candle SHIPPING INCLUDED

  • $ 72.00

Let's get this beer party started with our handmade upcycled beer bottle cap candles. Use some for beer party decor, and give away some for party favors.

BEER, the king of ancient beverages, deserves BEESWAX, the queen of ancient waxes. We up-cycle assorted beer caps from a local restaurant and bar, I mean really, we can only drink so much ourselves. We then carefully sort through the caps and only use the least dented ones from opening the beer bottles. Next we wash and dry them, and then proceed to make the candles.

We only use pure beeswax which is clean burning and is the only wax that cleans the air when you burn it by releasing negative ions. We also use a wide metal wick sustainer to keep the wick centered and have the wax burn all the way down without the wick falling over. Each candle burns about 30 minutes to 1 hour long.

Choose all of one color candle wax or assorted colors from the drop down menu. For the assorted colors you will receive at least 4 different colors of our choice. We will choose at least 12 different beer bottle cap designs. You can see in the support photo some of the different cap designs we currently have and an idea for how to make your own beer cap party favors by packaging in a small clear poly bag.

Listing is for 50 beer caps candles made with 100% pure beeswax. Comes in a plastic bag and packed in a shipping box.Other beer caps, packaged party favor, tray, and drinking glasses are not included and are for illustration purposes only.

Contact us at doublebrush (at) gmail (dot) com if you have a question, want a custom order, need a higher quantity or want to ship international.


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